Is the Destruction an ending or is it a beginning? To destroy something perfect doesn’t imply a negative connotation or doesn’t mean it’s a final ending. Destruction implies as well the creation of new sounds, shapes, smells and colors, that never existed before of the destruction of that body. This collection of 4 designs shows the destruction of the four elements inside a cercle, meaning of perfection.

Fig #1: WATER The purity of this element is destroyed when we mix it with an other liquid.
Fig #2: AIR It changes the last element into another state, blowing it up and makes it disappear .
Fig #3: EARTH That new element, without any of the last two before it cracks and is reduce to dust.
Fig #4: FIRE When we burn any object, the structure of itself changes into a new body, that time as a mineral.

The exact moment I did choose it’s between the new and the old appearance of every of the elements, where we can recognise the change that destruction produce but still recognizing the original shape.