Born in Barcelona he started his first artístic actions involved in graffiti, around 1999. After travelling for a few years he stablished in Berlin in 2014 to get totally involved in art. Always working with design and graffiti at the same time, he creates his own font families starting from his typography knowledge but giving to the letters total freedom and inspired by graffiti, handstyles or elements from different alphabets .

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“F*CK”, “F**CK”, “F***CK” #3


This piece is an expressive representation of how the current situation did affect myself and many others people’s life. 

A sequentially growing feeling of anger and frustration through the first weeks of quarantine. First due your life and projects getting cancelled, second due a tsunami of human deaths and third due the lies and manipulation of the Governments in every country of the World.

The message is also clear: This guy as a metaphor of the humanity falling inside a hole, with such a bad luck… but nobody really cares. Many people get refuged in a online world. Because it’s better to think that other people’s bad luck will never happen to us.


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